From 1967 to present,

we–the students of Humboldt State University–have been inviting filmmakers (working in traditional, experimental and non-traditional modes) to enter their film shorts into our festival and that makes us the world’s oldest student-run film festival. Our students judge the entries from September to March. The finalists then show for three evenings for our guest industry judges and local audience.
Our festival promotes the art of film, not only as a means of entertainment, but also as a vehicle for self-expression and a stimulus for dialogue about social, political and cultural issues.

Can I Join?

Of Course!

Film Festival is a 2 unit class (FILM 260) and a club. Pre-screenings and behind-the-scenes activities for the world’s oldest student-run film festival that will deepen sociopolitical understanding and provide insights to contemporary short film processes, aesthetics, and constructs. We meet at 5 PM in Theatre Arts Building Room 117, all are welcome to join and see what it takes to put on a great film festival.

2019 Entries
Student Volunteers

Our Mission

To create a space for independent filmmakers to express themselves, free from the censorship of mainstream media. The Humboldt International Film Festival is particularly aware of the power of short, independent film, and we seek those which inspire social and environmental change.


52nd Annual Humboldt Int'l Film Fest

Peter Blickensderfer

Promotions and Historian

From Fairfax, CA. A senior now at Humboldt State. Peter has been involved with film since high-school. Being part of a program called Comacad, he made shorts and screened them for the community with his class. He likes his films like he likes his books, short. He is curious to see how film is changing as a medium and appreciates the diversity and uniqueness of films that the HIFF showcases. Peter is looking forward to seeing the new techniques that filmmakers across the world are finding to get their stories told.

Aurelio Torres-Garcia


Aurelio Torres-Garcia is a filmmaker and co-director for the 52nd Humboldt International Film Festival. Born and raised in San Diego, he spends most of his life with his family in Tijuana, Mexico where his parents are from. His U.S. citizenship helps him and his sister study over in the U.S. so they can fulfill their life and build a future for themselves. His fascination of film came from his family’s obsession with entertainment. From there, he developed the determination of becoming a filmmaker and director one day.

Kat Lundahl


Kat Lundahl has earned an Associates in photography in Nebraska and will graduate next year from Humboldt State University with a Bachelors in Film and a Minor in Ethnic Studies. Photography and art have been the main subjects in Kat’s life since se was seven years old and art continues to inspire her every day. She believes that film is an extremely important tool, and it the duty of the filmmaker to use this tool to create positive change in this world. Kat is thrilled to be given the opportunity to be a Co-Director for the Humboldt Int’l Film Fest this year and is looking forward to being a part of the festival’s legacy.

Susan Abbey

Festival Faculty Adviser

This is Susan’s seventh year as a faculty adviser for the fest. Originally from the intermountain west, she has been an educator and actress in theatre for nearly 40 years. Her bridge to film began as a graduate assistant, teaching several classes of the Introduction to Film course, while earning her MFA in Directing at Brigham Young University. Susan’s work in film continued when she took her performance skills to the acting side of the camera: while living in Salt Lake City, she began working in films, television, commercials, print ads, and voice-over projects. She continues to act and direct locally when time and opportunity come together. Susan has been a lecturer in the Department of Theatre, Film, and Dance at HSU since 2007.