52nd Humboldt Int’l Film Fest



Richard Jett

Richard worked in the Bay Area for the last twenty years in television production. Directing and shooting commercials, corporate films, documentaries and broadcast specials. 
His clients include Levi Strauss, Yahoo and Google. Richard has pursued his own films about artists, culture and relationships. He continues to focus on the human stories that reveal the extraordinary lives of others.

Rebekah Brown

Beck grew up on the east coast in a family of entertainers with a traveling vaudeville show. Later, the family business was an independent black box theater that specialized in improv and movement theater. She graduated with a BFA in screenwriting and film from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. Since then, she has gravitated towards working on smaller, more independent projects where being a part of the crew has meant active, hands-on involvement at every stage of production. Throughout the years, she’s been fortunate enough to work on film and TV projects that include Adult Swim’s Tim and Eric, Awesome Show! Great Job!, and a handful of films for the NYC-based production company Glass Eye Pix, including South by Southwest’s 2017 Grand Jury Prize winner Most Beautiful Island. Aside from making and watching movies, she loves thrift store furniture, old electronics, really good ramen, and ranch corn nuts. Since moving to Humboldt in late 2017, she’s been impressed with the arts and film community and is honored to be judging this year’s film festival.

Tawny Foskett

Tawny is happy to be serving the festival in this capacity, as her own formation as a filmmaker began at Humboldt State, from which she graduated in 2004. While there she worked each year on the festival and completed the 16mm films: Lost Almost and Annie & Mary; Reflections on the Railroad (co-made with Eric Minella). In the 15 years since graduating, she has continued to study and work in film and media around the globe. She’s managed cinemas in New York, worked both on set and in post on many productions, house managed for The Mill Valley Film Festival, and worked in Artist Relations (2015-2016) at The Sundance Film Festival. This August she will finish her MFA in Film Production from Concordia University in Montreal. Her 2012 film, Girls
Who Smoke, played in 20 festivals around the US, Canada and Europe. She is currently completing the short narrative, Natasha & Sam, and is in production on a documentary feature titled, A Member of the Precariat. This past summer Tawny returned to live in Humboldt County and is co-founding (along with Maria Matteoli, Cassandra Hesseltine, and Laura
Montagna) a female-centric production company, as well as a women-in-film entity for the north coast.