Official Selection Finalists

Experimental – April 19, 2017
Submergence – Yohahn Ko, United States [Trailer]

600 Space Aliens – Scott Bateman, United States
Trio – Zesheng Gao, United States
We R the World/Mold – Dawn George, Canada [Website]
The Benefit of The Doubt – Fabian Rogers, United States [YouTube]
AEON – Derek O’Dell, United States [Website] [Facebook]
There’s More Than One Way to Skin a Man – Emma Penaz Eisner, United States [Twitter]
Emerald Ice – Jesseca Ynez Simmons, United States [Trailer] [Website] [Facebook]
The Muse Will Find You Working – Wade Koch, United States [Instagram] [Twitter]

Animation – April 19, 2017
Groomed – Samantha Armiger, United States [Facebook]

Lilly Hits the Road – The Bum Family, Canada [Website]
The Old Man and the Pears – Jing Sun, United States [Trailer]
From Dogs to Wolves – Azure Allen, United States [Website]
Balloon Ride – Evan Hughes, Australia [Trailer] [Facebook]
From the Dizziness of Freedom: The Philosophy Vessel – Melissa Ferrari, United States
Notorious Corn – Mallory Grolleau, France
She Never Felt The Cold – JD Gardner, United States [Trailer] [Website]

Documentary – April 20, 2017
Gardeners of the Forest – Ceylan Carhoglu and Nicole Jordan-Webber, United States [Trailer] [Website] [Facebook]

Marf and Tefdef – Tommy Garber, United States
No Harm No Foul – Cheng Zhang, United States [Trailer] [Website]
Truth is Beauty – Brandon Katcher, United States [Website]
Walk On – Rachel Lattin, Michelle Sahlin, Brett Melnick, Peter Heres; United States [Trailer]
Joshua Tree: Threatened Wonderland – Bill Wisnesk, United States [Trailer] [Facebook] [Twitter]
My Garden, No Longer – Scott Schimmel, United States [Website]

Narrative – April 21, 2017
Horseshoe Theory – Jonathan Daniel Brown, United States [Trailer]

All I Want – Venika Mitra, India
ERNIE – Hadley Hillel, United States [Trailer] [Website] [Facebook]
Shabes Morgen – Or Dotan, Israel [Trailer] [Facebook]
It Has To Be You – Conrad Rothbaum, United States [Trailer] [Website] [Facebook]
It’s Just a Gun – John Sayage, United States [Trailer] [Facebook]
MEMORY – Ilirjan Himaj, Kosovo
A Father’s Day – Chris Lane, United Kingdom [Trailer] [Website] [Facebook] [Twitter]

Announcements for the Best of Fest will be April 22, 2017. 

50 Years

and still counting

The HIFF has been bringing independent and alternative short films to Humboldt County for 50 years. As the world’s oldest student-run film festival, we create a unique venue for digital media that enjoys an international reputation for supporting and celebrating independent filmmakers.  Founded in 1967 by a group of film-loving Humboldt State University students, the Humboldt Int’l Film Fest continues to expand over the years, now featuring several days of public screenings and presentations by guest filmmakers. The festival promotes the art of film, not only as a means of entertainment, but also as an instrument for self-expression, and a stimulus for dialogue about social, political, and cultural issues.
HIFF is pleased to provide a home where these international filmmakers can showcase their visions, and the venue for all of us to explore the power of film.

50th HIFF Commerical

Created by: Leonardo Laciura-Foley, Camille Roberts, David Bennett, and Marco Villarreal